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At Turning Point Charity, we lock arms with you to rebuild lives that have been broken by the trauma and isolation of divorce.


Did You Know...

Nearly Half of those beside you

in church or at the grocery store have been through a divorce or is heading into one?

With YOU… Turning Point Charity can provide education, support and critical legal and financial resources to those who need us most during their most broken time.

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In Fact

Nearly Half

According to studies, almost half of women fall into poverty after divorce. This is preventable with planning, legal guidance and parenting support, but requires critical financial resources many of our neighbors cannot afford.

$ 0 K

The average cost of a divorce is about $15k which is beyond the means of many

0 %

Of those experiencing divorce, almost 35% are age 55+

$ 0

Average hourly rate plus a $5k up-front retainer for Family Law Attorneys in our area. 

How We Help

Create a Plan

  • Hear their story and help navigate feeling overwhelmed
  • Attempt to save the marriage, if possible
  • Recommend helpful family/marriage/grief/trauma counselors as needed
  • Create a plan, timeline and team that gives confidence
  • Assist in finding payment scholarships as needed


  • Create co-parenting plans, schedules and healthy (safe) communication with the other parent to emotionally safeguard children
  • Create a timeline and a transition strategy of what and how to tell the children about the divorce
  • Gather and analyze paystubs, healthcare and childcare costs to determine child support payments
  • Provide co-parenting classes and education

Legal Process

  • Educate on legal process, options, alimony & child support (offering information, not legal advice)
  • Recommend attorneys for their specific needs and assist in scholarships for payment
  • Guide to safety and orders of protection, if needed
  • Attend attorney meetings and court as their advocate, thinking partner & team support
  • Advocate for children’s needs to make sure they are well represented
  • Provide information on the Pro Se process or “Do It Yourself” divorce, if applicable

Financial Blueprint

  • Debts/Assets/Income – Help discover and organize financial documents into a court-approved financial statement and plan for a successful settlement
  • Help create a decisive list of expenses and needs for possible alimony and/or child support
  • Assess value of spousal or family business to assist attorney, mediator or court in equitable division
  • Work with a certified financial planner to ensure that long-term financial needs are considered

Family Home

  • Determine the value, debt, repairs and maintenance needed of the family home and the financial and emotional impact of who keeps the house or rental
  • Help families decide how to equitably divide furnishings and home items
  • Assist in selling or searching for new places to live that fit within their budgets
  • Provide refinancing or other options to remove a spouse from a home deed after divorce

Future Employment/Income/Social Reconnection

  • Determine education & skills needs for employment re-entry or obtaining higher paying positions
  • Provide job placement referrals
  • Direct clients to social and spiritual communities where they can thrive as individuals or single parents


  • Encourage and guide by scripture to reveal God’s plan for their lives
  • Recommend one of Turning Point Charity’s Support Groups
  • Provide tools and life coaching for healing, self-awareness and growth through Christ

Together, we can

Rebuild Lives

and safeguard children for a confident, fresh start

Ensure Equal Access

to critical legal, financial & emotional health resources

Mobilize a Community Who Cares

and where every person has an equal chance at a bright future.

Break the Cycle of Poverty

that divorce and abandonment cause