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Coming January 2024 Small Groups

The reality of divorce is, it’s not a cookie cutter road to navigate and it is not simple.  There truly is no “do x,y,z,  it’s done, now move on”.  Maybe you are in the middle of it all, logistics, custody decisions, court proceedings, etc… or perhaps the paperwork has been finalized, yet you still have the emotional work of healing and processing to do.  Regardless of where you fit, it is a vulnerable time when you desperately need hope, support and understanding.  We are are looking forward to getting to know you better and hope that you will prayerfully consider participating in one of our Support Groups beginning in January 2024.   These groups are designed for past and previous clients of Starting Point Consultants and Turning Point Charities.    Together, we are rebuilding lives!

Songwriter’s Event Coming in April

Turning Point Charity will host its first fundraising event in April  of 2024.  This Songwriters Event will be a great opportunity to support our mission by purchasing tickets or sponsoring the event. More details soon.

Giving Tuesday is November 28

Giving Tuesday is coming up November 28, 2023.  This is our opportunity to come together to support a family in crisis.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to read more about immediate needs in November.

New Location Coming Soon

Turning Point Charity is excited to celebrate its upcoming anniversary in our new space – look for more information to come soon!


No events are currently scheduled