Give Them a Turning Point

Your tax-deductible donations to Turning Point help provide a solid fresh start
to those facing abandonment, separation or divorce.

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Your Support

Your support helps Turning Point provide important services to those facing abandonment, separation or divorce regardless of their means.
Everyone deserves a fresh start.

Create a Plan & Timeline

  • Hear client’s story and help navigate feeling overwhelmed and the trauma of divorce
  • Create a strategic plan, timeline and team that gives confidence over the pace & kindness of their divorce
  • Recommend and work alongside best licensed therapists and family/marriage/grief/trauma counselors as needed and assist in scholarships for payment

Legal Process

  • Educate on legal process, options, alimony & child support
  • Recommend and work alongside the best attorneys for their specific needs and goals, and assist in scholarships for payment
  • Guide to safety and orders of protection, if needed
  • Attend attorney meetings and court with client as their advocate, thinking partner & emotional support
  • Advocate for client/children’s needs with their attorney to make sure they are well represented
  • Guidance on a Pro Se or “Do It Yourself” Divorce

Financial Blueprint

  • Debt/Assets – Help discover and organize financial documents to create a court-approved financial statement and plan for a successful settlement
  • Budget – Help create a decisive list of expenses and needs for possible alimony and/or child support
  • Assess value of family or spousal personal business to assist attorney, mediator or court in equitable division
  • Work with a certified financial planner to insure that the long-term financial needs are satisfied


  • Create co-parenting plans, schedules and healthy communication with other parent to emotionally safeguard children
  • Create a timeline and a transition strategy of what and how to tell the children about the divorce
  • Child Support: Gather and analyze paystubs and healthcare to determine child support need and income
  • Provide Co-Parenting classes and education

Family Home

  • Determine the value, debt, repairs and maintenance needed of the family home and the financial and emotional impact of who keeps the house or rental.
  • Help client decide how to equitably divide family assets and home items
  • Assist clients in selling or searching for new places to live that fit within their budgets
  • Provide clients with other options relating to the proper timing and best practices for refinancing the existing home if removal of a spouse from a deed after divorce is needed


  • Guide clients spiritually through this season by scripture, encouragement and visioning to reveal God’s plan for their lives
  • Encourage them to join one of Starting Point Ministries Support Groups
  • Provide Tools for self-awareness through Christ, healing and growth

Future Employment/Income

  • Determine education & skills needs for higher paying positions
  • Provide job placement referrals

Social Reconnection

  • Direct them to social and spiritual communities where they can thrive as individuals and/or single parents