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According to research by Frontiers in Psychology, women who were recently divorced had lower role physical scores, worse general health, lower vitality, lower social functioning, worse mental health and decreased role emotional capacity compared with the general female population.

Your tax-deductible gifts to Turning Point Charity allow us to provide critical services to women (mostly) who are faced with separation, abandonment, or divorce to help give them a solid foundation going forward.

Your Donations Help Us Provide Important Services

Turning Point helps those without the means to take advantage of important services to support them before, during and after a divorce. 

Private 1:1 Divorce Counseling

Learning Workshops

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Support Groups

Legal Information

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Our Expertise

Certified Divorce Financial Analysis

Dispute Resolution & Communication

Certified Divorce Advocate & Life Coach

Real Estate Associate Broker

CPA/Tax Analysis

Business Valuations

Spiritual Guidance

Co-Parenting & Communication

Financial Planning through Star Partners