Abandoned Family with Immune Compromised Daughter

Please help this stay-at-home mom and her daughter who were abandoned by her husband last year. She has received no financial support from her husband since January, 2022 who formerly made approx. $100,000/year.
$0 of $10,000 raised

Bellevue, TN – Husband/father left his job and has moved to an unknown location. Mother has secured a full-time job, but makes under $2,000/month as she has been out of the workforce for 25 years — not enough to afford the mortgage, healthcare, gas and basic bills. She is also no longer able to afford an attorney (who left the case from non-payment), therapist or medical bills for their daughter.

We are raising a minimum of $10,000 to secure a family law attorney, a divorce advocate and provide 2 months of living expenses.  These funds will allow access to financial accounts and records to find the father and husband and obtain temporary financial support or assist in selling the family home so that proceeds may be used for the sole discretion of the mother and child to live until the divorce is final. All monies collected and disbursements are approved by Starting Point Ministries and paid directly by SPM. Let’s work together to keep another family out of poverty!